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Interior doors

An interior door is a synonym of high standard finishing. The door styles should match the interior design style.

Wood is the most precious raw material used for production of interior doors. The use of natural material provides unlimited opportunities of a door wing and casing design. Casings around door frames can be smooth, milled or ornamented.

A door frame may cover the entire width of division walls in a room. It is not only an aesthetic, but also a practical solution. Wide wooden door frames are easier to clean than painted walls.

In RUMIŃSKI it is a customer, who creates doors of his or her dreams. Every order is tailored with every detail designed.

The door may be delivered with rebate hinges (standard hinges) or hinges hidden in the door frame.


Stiles, wings, casings and crowns are made of solid or glued laminated wood. Additionally, in order to preserve uniform appearance of a wing and its durability, the wing is laid with natural wooden ply. The door may be made of pine, oak or exotic wood.


4-layer water-based paint system including repellent, primer, intermediate layer and top layer. The rich range of colours with clear tree rings (scumbles) from Teknos Gori or opaque colours from RAL or NCS.



Visible: standard, screwed, with adjustment. Optionally, styled and ornamented hinges may be delivered. Available colours of ornamented hinges: brass, grafiatto brown, lacquer chrome, satin chrome.

Hidden: manufactured by TKZ Esprit, selected depending on a wing weight.


A wide range of available standard handles: from simple and minimalistic to traditional with fanciful shapes. Handles are available in the following colours: patina, brass, chrome, satin, graphite, black etc.


A single-winged door can be opened or sliding door, double-winged door can be opened or sliding door, door with top lighting, door with side stationary or mobile lighting.

Right door: standing on the hinge side, hinges are on the right and a handle on the left. Left door: standing on the hinge side, hinges are on the left and a handle on the right.


Optional room lock or patent cylinder.


  • Qubik K, brushed nickel
  • Bella R Slim, shiny brass
  • Julia R, chrome
  • Topaz, black

    Additional equipment

    Wooden crowns

    Wooden crowns are mounted above the upper frame of a door. Regardless of a door shape, crowns may be straight or arched. They may be enriched with ornamented milling cutters, additional wooden feet or other elements at the request of a customer.

    Ornamented casings

    Door frame casings have smooth surfaces as standard. Vertical and horizontal casings around the door can be joined by so-called gerung, i.e. as slanted or straight (the joining line may be vertical or horizontal). Optionally, we can also deliver ornamented casings with special milling cutters along the entire length, additional head on the top and feed at the bottom of the casing.


    anti-burglary glass

    ornamented glass

    hardened glass

    reflective glass

    safe glass

    venetian mirror

    stained glass

    anti-UV glass

    Selected solutions

      Catalog of interior doors 2023

      Catalog of interior doors 2023


      Interior door
      Vertical and horizontal cross-section


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