FS sliding windows

A remarkable freedom in shaping of your space

The greatest advantage of this system is its versatile as regards shaping of your space. A window is made of several sashes and, depending on configuration, it can be used as a standard balcony door during the day. However, if necessary, it can easily be folded like an accordion, thus providing of up 60 6.3 m of free space.

The window sashes may be folded to the right, left or any of the two sides. One structure may combine even up to 7 sashes with the weight of up to 80 kg each. It is also possible to combine sliding sashes with tilt-and-turn sashes.  

Additionally, FS system does not impose folding of sashes inwards. depending on requirements, sashes may also be folded outwards.

Smooth operation

The smooth movement of sashes is facilitated by large trolleys with ball bearings, bottom threshold and upper rail. Sashes are joined with reinforced hinges, which guarantee failure-free operation.

Low threshold

The low threshold enable mounting of FS structure nearly flush with flooring. The total height of the threshold is 6.5 cm, of which a considerable part is hidden, when a window is mounted. The final threshold protruding from the finished floor level is as high as 1 cm only. The threshold is equipped with a thermal insert preventing condensate formation and proving a tight solution.

Easy access

Even if windows cannot be accessed from outside, owing to FS-RS hinges the sash surfaces can be easily cleaned on each side. One only needs to open hinges that join the sashes. This is a very practical solution in case of mounting of windows surrounded by very narrow balconies or a rail outside the window recess.

Available systems

FS sliding wooden windows can be delivered in Basic 68, Thermal 78, Thermal Max 92 and Retro systems. We can also deliver sliding aluminium and wooden windows. FS Patio windows can be opened outwards or inwards, depending on requirements.

Available structures of FS sliding windows

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