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External doors

An external door is a hallmark of every home or premises. It is the first element, to which we pay our entering a given building.

An external door design often determines the style and character of interior. If the door style marches the façade and style of a building, it will create a coherent whole with other elements. We can also make an external door stand out from the building by painting it different colour than the other woodwork, bold colours (such as red or blue) or apply a fanciful pattern. This way, an external door will attract attention and become a real decoration of a building.

We provide tailored doors that are designed with the use of a specialist software. This way a customer can work on every detail of his or her order.

Apart from aesthetic qualities, an external door has its superior function, namely that of protection against burglary. We offer external doors with high anti-burglary protection. We mount anti-burglary hinges and lock as standard.


3-layer glued wood (in Basic 68 profile) or 4-layer glue wood (in Thermal 78, Thermal Plus 88 profile). Pine, oak or exotic wood available. Additionally, in order to preserve uniform appearance of a wing and its durability, the wing is laid with natural wooden ply. There is a special thermal-insulating board with foam inside the door, which ensures perfect insulation.


4-layer water-based paint system including repellent, primer, intermediate layer and top layer. The rich range of colours with clear tree rings (scumbles) from Teknos Gori or opaque colours from RAL or NCS.


Hardware types

Visible: German hinges, Simonswerk hinges, adjusted on three planes - Baka Protect 4010 3D, anti-burglary hinges. Hidden: German hinges, Simonswerk-Tectus hinges, selected depending on a wing weight.


The offer includes two handles as standard – a Total handle with modern, simple and minimalistic design and a slightly rounded Zeus handle. Total handles are available in inox plus and patina (F4). Zeus handles are available in patina (F4) and satin nickel.


The door is opened outside or inside. We offer single-winged door, double-winged door, door with top lighting, door with side stationary or mobile lighting.

Right door: standing on the hinge side, hinges are on the right and a handle on the left. Left door: standing on the hinge side, hinges are on the left and a handle on the right.


Fuhr three-point hooked anti-burglary lock with a locking strip on the door frame.


A lock with finger prints reader.


Total patyna 

Zeus nikiel satyna

Total inox plus 

Zeus patyna

Additional equipment

Wooden crowns

Ornamented wooden crowns can be mounted only on the exterior side of the door, from inside or on both sides. The crowns can be straight or arched. They can be enriched with ornamented milling cutters, additional wooden feet or other elements at the request of a customer.


Handrails are mainly used in contemporary external door models. They can be simple or arched. Handrails are mainly made of stainless steel or are powder painted black. Glass handrails are also available. They serve ornamental purposes or are used for opening of a door and can substitute a traditional handle. In classic door models styled handrails may be used with decorative elements.


anti-burglary glass

ornamented glass

hardened glass

reflective glass

safe glass

venetian mirror

stained glass

anti-UV glass

Selected solutions

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    Catalog of external doors 2020


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