Sash English-style

Sash English-style windows

Sash windows operate in the up-down sliding system. It is a product originating from Great Britain and becoming more and more popular in the European continent. If one wants to open a sash window, one does not need to remove any things from the sill. The window sash has to be moved upwards.

The use of single-glazed or double-glazed units ensures excellent thermal and acoustic properties not to be found in old windows of the type. The total thickness of sections in sash windows may range from 14 to 20 cm  


3-layer glued pine, oak or Meranti wood.


4-layer water-based paint system including repellent, primer, intermediate layer and top layer. The rich range of colours with clear tree rings (scumbles) from Teknos Gori or opaque colours from RAL or NCS.


Hardware types

Traditional locking hardware, including weights based on counterbalance. The system of hardware includes lead weights, a lock, lift with a hook and ring serving as a handle. Hardware is available in the following colours: brass, satin and chrome. Available structures an sliding drives include two available systems such as a weight or spring system.


There is no classic handle in sash windows. A special handle with a lock serves as a handle. Standard locks are available in gold, white and glossy chrome. Available lock types include Fitch fasteners, Alliance sash fastener, Claw sash fasteners.


Sashes operate in the up-down sliding system. Customers may choose one of two solutions. One solution provides for one sash sliding, whereas the other sash is fixed glazing. The other solution provides for moving of both sashes – the upper and bottom sash can be moved alternately.


A sash moving interlock allowing for use of micro-ventilation in the window.

Additional equipment

Glazing bars

Wooden bars glued to the pane on both sides or on one side only with free (glued bar) or closed space inside the glazing unit (a Vienna-style bar). They widths may range from 20 to 50 mm. The choice of glazing bars includes straight, retro-style, trapezoid and triangular glazing bars.

Aluminium bars – mounted inside a glazing unit, thickness: 8, 18, 26, 45 mm, colours: wood imitation, gold, grey or in any RAL colour.


anti-burglary glass

ornamented glass

hardened glass

reflective glass

safe glass

venetian mirror

soundproof glass

anti-UV glass


Pressure, manual, hygro-controlled vents that regulate air flow automatically.

Sash English-style window-
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