Aluron Vella winter gardens

Enjoy the sun all year long

In the Polish climate with its few warm days during the year, winter gardens enjoy high popularity. Appropriately designed, they provide a perfect place for relax or work all year long, regardless of the weather.

Winter gardens provide a perfect space for cultivation of exotic plants. In early spring, when temperatures in a home orangery are high, one can grow and obtain one’s own vegetables earlier than others.

Saving heating costs

Winter gardens are designed on the south side and during sunny days in winter they cumulate much heating energy that can be transferred to a living room owing to a specially designed wide entry into the room. Those who do not want their winter garden to get overheated, can use panes limiting access of UV rays from outside.

The proven structure of Aluron Vella

Aluron Vella system of winter gardens is based on a post-and-beam structure. The system of aluminium overlays placed outside ensures permanent fitting of the glass and constitutes a perfect protection for wood. System gutters ensure effective water drainage, carrying water away from the roof, owing to which it does not flow down the glass walls of the winter garden. A wide range of colours of aluminium and wood facilitates matching the appearance of one’s winter garden with the style of an existing or new facility.


We put durable aluminium overlays on roofs of winter gardens that are available in 4 shapes. They protect wood against harmful effects of laying snow and considerable volume of rainfall water. Optionally, the whole winter garden with its vertical posts and rafters can be covered with the overlays.

Available systems

Depending on measurements of an Aluron Vella winter garden, we use wooden posts with the thickness of 50, 60 or 80 mm and depth adopted as based on statistical calculations. The thickness of the set of panes can range from 9 to 60 mm. The achievable heat transfer coefficient Uw is 0.61 to 1.22 (for a reference module of 1,23x1,48m).

A winder garden –
a post-and-beam structure

Aluron Vella -
the product card


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