Box windows

A traditional structure in a new form 

Box windows revitalize historical tenement houses. Manual representation of every decorative detail, brass or white braced locks and two-arm handles that are identical as those used in old box windows make box windows real works of art.  

The presently manufactured box windows combine old appearance of woodwork and state-of-the-art technology. The very structure of the window has not changed and includes a wooden box and two frames, namely internal and external frame, on which sashes are mounted.

In the new form, thin internal sashes have been replaced with a EURO window with a glazing unit identical to that used in Basic 68 system. We can also use a warmer section and 3-pane glazing unit. In external sashes single-glazed units with the thickness of 4 mm are used.


Pine, oak or exotic glued laminated wood.


4-layer water-based paint system including repellent, primer, intermediate layer and top layer. The rich range of colours with clear tree rings (scumbles) from Teknos Gori or opaque colours from RAL or NCS.


Hardware types

Customers may choose between two hardware systems, which can be combined within one structure.

Contemporary hardware: multi-point locking fittings ensuring smooth handle movement and comfortable operation with micro-ventilation function. Additionally, decorative hinges may be used.

Old style hardware: screwed hinges with the use of special window caps.

Braced locks

Braced locks are old style metal or brass bars mounted along the window. With the use of multi-point locking fittings, braced locks may only be used as a decoration of a box window and imitate locks. In case of use of screwed hinges, braced locks become a part of a window locking and opening mechanism similar to old windows.


A two-arm, brass, white or brown or standard one-arm handle (white, brown, silver, old gold). 


Anti-burglary hardware and tilt function (only in case of use of multi-point locking fittings), a sash opening limiter, sash connectors (a window connector), a comb limiter (in case of use of screwed hinges).


Glazing bars

Wooden bars glued to the pane on both sides or on one side only with free or closed space inside the glazing unit. They widths may range from 20 to 50 mm. The choice of glazing bars includes straight, retro-style, trapezoid and triangular glazing bars.

Decorative elements

Sculpted or cast decorative heads, window capitals, pyramids, separators and closing laths. All elements are tailored and imitate old elements.


anti-burglary glass

ornamented glass

hardened glass

reflective glass

safe glass

venetian mirror

soundproof glass

anti-UV glass


    A box window –
    technical drawing

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