PATIO terrace

Treat yourself to proximity of nature

PATIO terrace windows allow for obtaining of the widest transfer light of all systems available. In one moment a border between our home and environment in the form of windows ceases to exist and we can be close to nature.

Prestige at hand

Sliding windows are a synonym of luxury. They prove excellent both in private space, in houses surrounded by gardens and commercial facilities, increasing their standard. Large glazing enlarges rooms optically, making them even lighter. We can take advantage of solar light for longer during the day.

No limitations in arrangement of rooms

Sliding terrace window systems allow for free shaping one one’s interior. When opening such type of windows, one does not have to reserve any space for opening of sashes. The solution is particularly popular in small flats, hotels and restaurants.

Choose your windows


HS lift-and-slide windows

PSK tilt-and-slide windows

FS sliding windows

Other products offered


Sash windows

Aluminium and wooden windows

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