Wooden and aluminium

Combination of the beauty of wood and indestructible properties of aluminium

Aluminium overlays are mounted on the external side of woodwork only. Owing to this solution, we can enjoy the beauty and warmth of wood staying at home. The external structure is resistant to any atmospheric conditions, including wind, water and even high salinity in the sea belt areas.

Unlimited design opportunities

We offer a wide range of shapes of aluminium overlays, their colours and even structures. Aluminium sections can imitate natural wood or have unique hues. There are numerous sections ranging from minimalistic, through slightly rounded to styled milling cutters in Retro windows. Owing to this selection, customers may match appearance of aluminium and wood structure to every design of a building.

Exceptional durability

Aluminium sections are anodised and powder painted. This eliminates necessary maintenance and painting after several years of use. A longer guarantee period is granted for aluminium and wooden windows.

Certified windows for passive houses

“Aluron Gemini Passiv” is the only system for production of windows for passive houses with excellent thermal parameters as certified and attested by ift Rosenheim, a German institute.

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Gemini Soft Line

Gemini Classic

Gemini Thermo Classic

Gemini Retro

Gemini Quadrat

Gemini Quadrat FB

Gemini Linear

Gemini Integral

Gemini Passiv

Welded joints of aluminium frames      
Folded joints of aluminium frames
Single-glazed units      
Double-glazed units -  -
Wood cross-section thickness  68 mm  78 mm 88 mm
Maximum thickness of glazing unit  34 mm  46 mm 54 mm
Siegenia Titan AF hardware
 Available structures   Gemini sections that can be delivered in any structure  
Tilt-and-turn windows, stationary/mobile post, fixed glazing   Classic, Linear, Soft Line,
Integral,Thermo Classic, Quadrat, Quadrat FB, Retro, Passiv
Arched windows with min. arch radius measurements preserved   Classic, Linear, Soft Line,
Thermo Classic, Quadrat, Quadrat FB, Retro
Rotating windows   Classic, Thermo Classic, Retro, Quadrat, Quadrat FB  
Patio PSK windows    Soft Line, Classic, Thermo
Classic, Retro, Linear, Quadrat, Quadrat FB
Patio HS windows   Soft Line, Classic, Thermo Classic, Retro, Linear,  
 Patio FS windows    Classic, Thermo Classic, Linear, Softline  
 Inward-opening door    Classic, Thermo Classic, Linear, Soft Line, Retro  
Outward-opening door   Classic, Thermo Classic,Linear,
Soft Line, Quadrat, Quadrat FB, Retro

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Sash windows

Patio terrace windows

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