Retro windows

Old windows were usually delivered by craftsmen, who gave every window a unique shape and design in order to make it attractive and stand out from the facade of a building.

Windows delivered in RETRO system combine traditional and modern technology perfectly. They are characterized by historical representation of the shape of a bottom frame and do not include aluminium drips. Additionally, the glass strip and frame seal have decorative milling cutters.

Retro windows are often enriched with decorative details, which represent appearance of old-style decoration in a perfect manner. This is particularly appreciated by Conservation Officers, who take care of ideal representation of original character by new windows.

We can deliver every type of our wooden windows with standard opening, i.e. Basic 68, Thermal 78, Thermal Plus 88 with Retro sections. In sliding and folded systems we can also use some solutions of Retro system.


A decorative frame


depending on the selected section thickness:
2-pane or 3-pane glazing unit


Inter-Deventer, matching the window colour



Decorative profiled lath

A drip on
the frame

a double bevelling in the wood for carrying water away

A drip on
the sash

a wooden drip with a function of carrying of storm water away

The drip

The aluminium drip on a frame and an additional drip on the wing in white (RAL 9016), silver (C0), brown (C34) or olive (C33). Optionally, drips may be use in any colours from RAL to match window colours.


on the wing


on the frame


4-layer water-based paint system including repellent, primer, intermediate layer and top layer. The rich range of colours with clear tree rings (scumbles) from Teknos Gori or opaque colours from RAL or NCS.


Hardware types

Siegenia multi-point lock fittings with trickle ventilation as standard.


Hoppe Tokyo white (RAL 9016), brown (RAL 8707), old gold (F4), titan (F9), silver (F1).


Tilt windows (U), turn windows (R), tilt-and-turn windows ( UR), lift-and-slide windows on a low threshold (HS), tilt-and-slide windows (PSK), rotating windows, sliding windows on a low threshold (FS).


Anti-burglary hardware, handle interlock, opening limited, HAU-TAU tilting mechanism enabling tilting of the upper wing from the floor level, a handle with a key or button.

Additional equipment

Glazing bars with the thickness of 8, 18, 26, 45 mm and in the following colours: wooden-like, golden, white, grey or in any RAL colour. Glazing bars put on a wing from outside in the form of a wooden frame that can be easily disassembled for cleaning. Glazing bars glued on the window pane from inside and outside (with an empty space between the panes) with the thickness of 20 to 30 mm. Vienna-style glazing bars composed of a glued bar and an aluminium frame or thermal frame mounted inside the panes (without an empty space between joints).


anti-burglary glass

ornamented glass

hardened glass

reflective glass

safe glass

venetian mirror

soundproof glass

anti-UV glass


Pressure, manual, hygro-controlled vents that regulate air flow automatically.

Retro window - Retro 68 drawing

Retro window - Retro 78 drawing

Retro window - Retro 88 drawing

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