Our History

It was not easy at the beginning.…

The beginning of the first decade following the system transformation in Poland was a period of intense social, economic and moral transformations. A free market was created in Poland. The year 1991 marks the beginning of activities of “RUMIŃSKI”. The market was flooded with thousands of foreign goods, which few could afford to buy. A small Fiat vehicle was a real luxury at that time. Wooden box windows used that time had to be disassembled for cleaning and were not really famous. Mr Marek Rumiński focused on production of other products made of wood, including kitchen furniture, stairs, fashionable wooden wall panels, as he had a real passion for wood.

In the middle of the 90s of the 20th century single-frame wooden windows were designed.

In spite of the fact that the market abounded in PVC windows made of lead and plastics, Mr Marek Rumiński took interest in a new technology of production of wooden windows. He purchased the area of former SKR in Stanisławki and launched production of so-called EURP windows in DJ68 system. They included single-frame windows, which did not have to be disassembled for cleaning. Windows were made of a specially prepared 3-layered sawn timber and not solid wood, which made them exceptionally rigid and eliminated the risk of warping. Window frames were coated with Danish Gori paints and fitted with Siegenia hardware, which guaranteed quality and made them successful. The company won a Polish competition entitled “The Way To Succeed” organized by the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Social Policy and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The company still cooperates with its main proven suppliers. There is no need to change something that is reliable.

The year 2007
marks a period of intense investments.

The company invested PLN 1.5 million in extension of the plant, adding new buildings and a modern timber treatment centre for production of windows as well as other machines, which made the production fully automatic. For its investments “RUMIŃSKI” was nominated for the award of Polwood 2008 in 2007.

The recent years – territorial expansion

In 2018 the company’s premises were extended by 5000 square meters and presently cover 1 ha. Construction of a new production hall with welfare and office facilities is still in progress. Soon the offer will be extended by new products.

The year 2015
further automation of

The purchase of CNC treatment centre manufactured by SCM, including tooling and modern presses for timber gluing accelerated production of arched windows. Owing to this modern numerically controlled machine, it is now possible to cut the most precise and advanced shapes and even any text in wood.

Why us?

We treat every order individually. An order for one window is as much important for us as a contract for purchase of 1000 windows.

We are flexible and open to challenges – it is a customer who determines the appearance of his woodwork. We do not collect any additional fees for untypical measurements of woodwork and non-standard colours. Windows are no longer boring and doors can be fancifully ornamented. What is most important, we are ready to put a customer’s vision to paper in order to visualise his design.

We take care of quality of our products. That is why we also serve customers from abroad. Our woodwork has been appreciated by customers from Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Great Britain and even Israel. Everyone makes mistakes and, therefore, we have to test our customers’ woodwork several times and control production in order to deliver a perfect product. The process of control starts with selection of raw materials for woodwork. All materials used by us meet stringent European standards. We have implemented corporate production control, which makes it possible for us to control the quality of woodwork at every stage. A final product is CE-marked.

We take care of our customers not only at the moment they purchase our products, but also in the period of use as covered by a guarantee for windows. We have our own trained team of service workers.

We are ready to deliver technologically advanced designs and respond to problems quickly. Employees do not change so often in our company. Our permanent, experienced and qualified staff can cope with any difficulties during assembly of products. We advise and help our customers. We know what they expect and can meet their requirements.

Production of woodwork has its roots in Mr Marek Rumiński’s passion for wood and natural materials. Our 25 years of experience in the sector is our strongest point. Passion combined with knowledge gained makes it possible for us to realize projects, which others will not face.

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