Wood is a timeless and natural material.

RUMIŃSKI brand is a synonym of quality, reliability and experience. It is based on excellent craft skills of the company’s founder, namely Marek Rumiński. Combination of knowledge and state-of-the-art German technologies makes our windows enjoy popularity for more than 25 years. However, the company’s beginnings were not easy …

Production of PVC windows used chemical substances

that are harmful to human health and environment. In case of fire, the substances are released in a quick combustion process. Wood is a fruit of nature that is easy to reach. During a fire, paradoxically, a wooden window preserves its durability for a long time. Wooden frames are coated with water diluting paints that are safe for humans.

Wood is several times warmer than plastic

As a result of use of wood, we sustain lower energy losses with preserved natural breathing properties of wood. Wooden windows do not attract as much dust as in case of PVC sections, which become electrostatically charged.


Woodwork is much more resistant to burglary than PVC. It is difficult to break a wooden window down due to its rigid structure.

Unlimited technological opportunities

In case of woodwork there are no technological limitations as in the case of PVC and aluminium. We can deliver windows with most bizarre shapes, decorate them with sculptures and cut any patters on smooth surfaces of doors.

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Basic 68

Thermal 78 


Frame thickness 68 mm 78 mm 88 mm
Pine, meranti or oak
No of layers of glued wood 3 4 4
Single-glazed units - -
Double-glazed units -
Optionally, soundproof, anti-burglary and anti-UV glass, decorated glass
Thermal insulation of the entire window Uw = 1,4 W/m2K Uw = 1,1 W/m2K Uw = 0,9 W/m2K
Acoustic insulation of the entire window Rw = 32 dB Rw = 32 dB Rw = 32 dB
Siegenia Titan multi-point locking fittings
Aluminium drip on a sash and frame carrying water away
Double soundproofing of a sash as standard
 14 colours with visible tree rings and any RAL colours
RETRO styled section
SOFTLINE rounded section
Patio slide windows, sliding windows
Accessories: glazing bars, vents

Other products offered:


Sash windows

Patio terrace windows

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