HS lift-and-slide windows

A simple structure and great opportunities

The sashes and fixed elements operate on two parallel planes. The sashes slide on fixed elements. This type of structure ensures intuitive and easy operation even for a child, regardless of the window size. In HS windows there is no risk of catching or damage of the window by wind gusts.

Maximum width of a sash is 3.33 m. Using an extended “L” scheme, we can obtain even 13 meters of free space with the window opened as part of one structure.

No barriers

Siegenia Eco Pass threshold is the lowest of all system available and it does not constitute any obstacle when going outside. With the use of an additional overlay, the total height of the threshold can be minimised down to 5 mm. This solution ensures exceptional comfort of use.

Excellent tightness

Excellent thermal insulation parameters make it possible to meet stringent provisions of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). The 10-unit structure of the threshold ensures optimum thermal insulation. Both on the inside and outside, a threshold section faces the frame edge. Additionally, a state-of-the-art solution, namely a sealing rail on a post between the mobile and fixed element, provides excellent protection against wind and rain.

Full automation

It is possible to use Siegenia Aerocontrol integrated system of monitoring of window opening and closing. Using Siegenia Comfort application for smartphones or tablets, you can control exchange of air at home remotely in hours of lowest smoke hazards.

Available systems

HS lift-and-slide wooden windows can be delivered in Basic 68, Thermal 78, Thermal Plus 88 and Retro systems. We can also deliver Patio aluminium and wooden windows on a low HS threshold.

Available structures of HS lift-and-slide windows

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