PSK tilt-and-slide windows

More light

The appearance of Patio PSK windows resembles standard balcony windows. The sashes and elements operate on one plane. In order to open a window, one first has to pull it and then slide. A threshold in PSK windows has the same height as in a standard balcony window.

Contrary to standard windows, in PSK system the sash width can even be 2 m. Using “K” scheme within one window structure, we can obtain 4 meters’ transfer light for the total 8-meter width of one window.

The only sliding system with a tilt function

The tilt function operates on the same basis as in a standard window. The sliding sash is tilted slightly owing to appropriate metal protections of a trolley, which maintain it in the sliding rail. The operation is light even in case of heavy sashes with the weight of up to 200 kg.

A wide range of colours

Owing to the well-thought concept of Siegenia Group, a supplier of the system hardware, we can meet various design requirements. We can match colours of the rail and handle coating with interior decoration. Standard colours include white, old gold, brown, silver and silver titan (F9).

Comfortable operation

It is possible to use an automatic sliding drive, which is started with one movement of a handle. After a handle is turned, the window will open automatically without the need of pulling it and sliding to the side.

Available systems

PSK tile-and-slide wooden windows can be delivered in Basic 68, Thermal 78, Thermal Max 92 and Retro system. We can also deliver PSK patio aluminium and wooden windows.

Available structures of PSK tilt-and-slide windows

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